Hill's sponsors CPW

CPW has gained its first corporate sponsor, with the high-quality, vet-recommended brand Hill’s Pet Nutrition (NZ) supplying food for our cats.

CPW President Iona Anderson says the partnership is a perfect fit.

“We’re incredibly lucky to have come to the attention of Hill’s, and their regular deliveries of wet food will make a considerable dent in our food bills,” she says. “We already use a lot of Hill’s as it’s a vet-recommended brand, and suits many of our cats. They approached us as being a well-respected cat rescue charity, who can put the food to good use.”

The sponsorship is initially for a year, and will be reviewed after that.

The Hill’s Science Diet range includes specialist food for cats with kidney issues, cats with sensitive stomachs, as well as general balanced food for cats who live indoors. Jeremy (above) was especially thrilled with an extra delivery of Hill’s bikkies, which he takes a connoisseur’s interest in. 

“CPW shelter cats who have specific dietary needs (and those with very specific preferences!) will still have access to other types of food as recommended,” Iona says. “We’re delighted to have such a high-quality supply available as our first pet food option.”


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