Remi ---- Lovable chap

5-10 years


Male | 8 years | Friendly

Remi has come to us after being surrendered to a vet clinic. His keeper had become unwell and the family wanted him put to sleep.

Remi was in a bad condition when he first arrived at the clinic, most of the fur on his back was missing due to a severe skin allergy. He stayed at the clinic while they treated this and now that he's looking dapper again he's come to find his forever home.

Remi is a bit of a cheeky boy. He has an adorably mischievous personality that will keep you entertained! He is very people focused and loves to be involved in all the daily activities. Remi loves to play and then lie in the sun, tummy up, for a good snooze. Since being with us he has unfortunately gotten a bit chunky so we have him on a weight reduction plan. We don't have a big history on him but we do know he is affectionate with people, but isn't so keen on other animals. He may be ok with older children. Remi will need to stay on his vet prescribed diet to maintain his skin condition. He will be best kept indoors and harness trained to go out for walks.

Due to his medical condition Remi is part of our Care for Life foster programme.

Remi will be happiest in an indoor only home where he is the centre of attention.

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