Beau ---- Big teddy bear

5-10 years


6 years |  Male  |  Friendly  |  Foster

Beau has come to us because his elderly caretaker couldn't manage his health needs. He has been dearly loved but he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy earlier this year and requires lots of extra care.

Beau really is a big teddy bear. With his cartoon-ish features and extra large stature Beau has been stealing everyone's hearts! Despite his size he is very softly spoken and has the tiniest purr. Beau is very loving and is happy to be in anyone's company, he does enjoy a warm lap but at 8 kg he needs a sturdy one. Beau is curious, playful, and would make a great companion.

Beau requires multiple medications daily to keep his seizures under control. He will need to be in a home where it is safe for him during his seizures, as he has a tendency to run when they happen. Soft floorings, no stairs, and free from any high places he could potentially fall off. 

Due to his medical needs Beau is part of our Care for Life foster programme.

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