Miss Millie ---- Sleeping beauty

10+ years


12 years  |  Female  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate

Miss Millie has come to us with her daughter Billie Holiday because their caretaker was moving into a rental property that wouldn't allow pets. They were originally adopted from us 5 years ago. Since being back with us they seem to be happier apart so we are homing them separately. 

Miss Millie is much braver than Billie, she is friendly and loves being patted. Millie has been known to sneak into the neighbour's garden and steal bread, or whatever she can find, and give herself an upset tummy! Miss Millie loves to sleep the day away, particularly in a sunny spot, then snooze all night curled up with her person in bed.

Miss Millie will be happiest in a quiet, adult, home. She would be fine to be kept as indoor only.

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