Rocky ---- Mr tall, dark, and handsome

10+ years


10 years  |  Male  |  Friendly  

Rocky arrived on a family's doorstep two years ago and moved himself in after they were unable to locate an owner. He has been very loved but he began to have toileting issues which they were unable to manage with two toddlers in the home. Once he arrived with us we rushed him down to the vet to discover he had a blocked bladder. After a few days in hospital for treatment, he is back and ready to find his forever home.

Rocky is a very handsome dark tabby with beautiful green eyes and a cute snaggle tooth. He is very friendly, affectionate and playful. Rocky loves cuddles, warm laps, and we are told he is good with children. Rocky enjoys his outdoor time and likes to hunt mice. He will need to remain on a special diet to manage his urinary issues.

Rocky will be happiest in a home with lots of attention and some outdoor access. He will need to be the only pet.

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