Mourka ---- Sweetheart

5-10 years


8 years  |  Female  |  Shy  |  Affectionate

Mourka has come to us because her elderly owner went into care. She has been dearly loved and we've been told that she speaks Russian! She was living outside for 3 months and being cared for by a kind neighbour before coming into us, so needs time to settle into new environments.

Initially shy, Mourka bonds closely once she trusts you. When she knows you she is a very affectionate girl who loves pick up cuddles and chit chats. She has the sweetest little voice that will melt your heart. Mourka isn't used to children or dogs but lived happily with another cat in her previous home. 

Mourka will be happiest in a quiet home with 1-2 adults and some outdoor access.

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