Haami ---- Shoulder riding champion

10+ years


Male  |  11 years  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate

Haami has come to us with his brother Piripi. After their family moved to a new home they became very stressed from the large amount of neighbourhood and stray cats around the property.

Haami is a very outgoing and affectionate boy, he likes to climb up on your shoulder and nuzzle into your ear while you go about your business. He loves to lay belly up on people's laps and gaze lovingly into their eyes, he is a total heartbreaker! Haami likes to have lots of attention and he is also very fond of catnip. Haami loves his brother Piripi and the boys must go home together. The pair are fantastic with children, and very patient and gentle with toddlers. 

Haami will be happiest in a home with his brother Piripi, and lots of attention. 

We are currently waiting on some test results for the boys so will update their status as we get them.

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