Alfie ---- Crooner

5-10 years


6 years  |  Male  |  Affectionate  |  Shy

Alfie has come to us after his family moved into a rental that only allowed 1 pet, and the dog won.

Alfie has a stunning singing voice with great range. From small, gentle chirps, to large yodels, this boy can do it all. Alfie is a very sweet boy who loves to be held. He is affectionate and loves snuggling up under the blankets for a cuddle. Alfie can be a bit shy initially but once he has warmed up he is friendly wee boy who just wants love. Alfie is ok with other cats but is nervous around dogs. He is ok with older children.

Alfie will be happiest in a home with some outdoor access, lots of love, and no dogs.

SKU: 10010 TAGS: Shy, Affectionate, Ok with cats, Ok with older children

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