Bluebell ---- Loyal friend

5-10 years


8 years  |  Female  |  Foster  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate

Bluebell has come to us because her caregiver passed away and the family were unable to take her. She has come in with another cat but they both prefer to be on their own so we are homing them seperately.

Bluebell is a shy girl who bonds very closely with her chosen person. She loves following them everywhere they go. Bluebell was a constant companion for her caregiver and never left his side all through his illness. Bluebell loves warm laps and sleeping with her person at night. If you're looking for a fluffy bestfriend, she's your gal. 

Bluebell has ongoing issues with her paw pads and eyes, also her heart. Due to this she is part of our Care for Life foster programme.

Bluebell will be happiest in a quiet, adult home with 1-2 people and no other pets.

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