Opossum ---- Beauty queen

10+ years


12 years  |  Female  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate  |  Ok with dogs 

Opossum has come to us because her caregiver went into a care facility and couldn't take any pets.

Opossum is a talkative, friendly girl who enjoys her outdoor time. She has lived her life right by the bush so is used to having lots of freedom, thankfully she isn't a hunter! Her favourite thing is to hang out with her people while they are doing the gardening. Opossum is affectionate and likes a pick up cuddle and warm lap when she's in the mood. Opossum has previously lived with a dog, but can be territorial with other cats. She is ok with children but in true Tortie style she can swipe when she's had enough attention.

Opossum will be happiest in a home with lots of safe outdoor access and no other cats.

SKU: 10000-9 TAGS: Friendly, Affectionate, confident, ok with dogs

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