Bustle ---- Biggest tail ever

5-10 years


6 years  |  Female  |  Sassy  |  Affectionate

This is Bustle's third time at CPW. She was first with us as a young mum back in 2016, and although she was good initially in this home, she began toileting inside which was unmanageable with a small child in the home. In her most recent home Bustle has had episodes of becoming unpredictable and aggressive (but not toileting issues). We feel this is likely due to a lack of daytime company, and living in a small home with very little space and no outside access when her owner was at work.

Although Bustle comes with a lengthy rap sheet, she really is a delightful little girl. Bustle quite possibly has the largest, fluffiest tail we have ever seen and loves having her beautiful coat brushed. She enjoys gentle attention and pats, curling up on a warm lap, catnip, and finding sunny spots to snooze in. Bustle likes to play and have some outdoor access. We are sure the perfect home is out there, somewhere she can finally call her forever home.

Bustle will be happiest in a spacious home where she has lots of company and some outdoor space. She is best suited to an adult home with no other pets.

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