Yahhee ---- Gentle soul

0-2 years


1.5 years  |  Male  |  Shy  |  Affectionate  |  Good with kids

 Yahhee has come to us after a series of unfortunate events. There was a fire in his families rental property which meant they had to go into emergency housing where they weren't allowed pets. Yahhee was living in their car until a kind person took him home and cared for him while he got desexed.

Yahhee was very closely bonded with his family and hadn't had much social interaction with other people. This means he can be shy with strangers and will need time to develop a bond. Yahhee unfortunately was treated badly by a male in the home so he can be nervous around men. He has grown up with children and was great with them, although this might not work with a new family. Once Yahhee trusts you he is a very loving and affectionate boy who loves pickup cuddles, warm laps, play time and snuggling in bed with his person.

Yahhee will be happiest in a quiet home with no other pets and some outdoor access. He needs to be homed away from wildlife sanctuaries as he is a hunter.

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