Leo ---- Traveler

5-10 years


6 years  |  Male  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate

Leo has been quite the adventurer! He was originally living in Miramar but after his family moved with him to Strathmore Park he made the journey back to his old home, multiple times. Leo has sadly been living rough for around 3 years, his previous person has tried taking him back to Strathmore but he was adamant that he lived in Miramar!

Leo is a friendly guy who likes a pat and a chat. He is frightened of children and can be territorial with other cats, so is best suited as the only pet. Leo will need to be homed as far away from his previous homes as possible to avoid him traveling back there again.

Leo will be happiest in a home far away from Miramar where he has safe outdoor access and is the only pet.

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