Lola ---- Tough life

10+ years


10 years  |  Female  |  Cautious  |  Affectionate

Lola has come to the shelter because her family were moving into a rental that didn't allow pets.

Lola hasn't had the easiest life. She has been abandoned by multiple people over the years and is understandably wary of humans because of this. Her original caregivers left her behind at a rental property when they moved out a number of years ago, and every new lot of tenants in the property would come and go and leave Lola behind. She would live alone at the property for long stretches between tenants, sleeping on the ground underneath the house. Finally a lovely family stepped in and took her home, she has been dearly loved but has yet again become displaced due to rental property issues.

Once Lola trusts you she is an adorably quirky, loving, and affectionate girl. She snores, is quite a loud breather, chirps and talks a lot, and has a very unique run, which we think is absolutely endearing and perfect reasons to want Lola in your life. Food is definitely the way to this girls heart so you are just a few treats away from your new best friend.

Lola will be happiest in a stable home, where there is no risk of her being moved any time soon. 

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