Snowy ---- Life's been tough

10+ years


10 years  |  Male  |  Affectionate  |  Foster  |  High needs

Snowy has been dealt many bad hands in his lifetime. He first came to us from Cambridge after his owner passed away and the family abandoned him. He lived as a stray for at least a year until a kind Samaritan stepped in to help. Snowy was in a really terrible condition and needed lots of medical care, so a convoy of people jumped in to get him down here to us. Snowy eventually went into a foster home, but unfortunately they changed their mind about keeping him. So he's back at the shelter to try his luck at finding a loving forever home.

Despite all the things humans have put him through, Snowy continues to be a sweet and loving boy. He really enjoys being involved in things but doesn't want to be fussed over too much. Snowy loves a good head massage and snoozing the day away in a comfy spot on the couch. He needs to be kept as indoors only due to his dietary needs, but he has been harness trained and likes to go out for walks. 

Snowy is a medical foster. He has problems with constipation, skin issues, and some mobility issues with his back legs. Snowy takes daily medications (easily in his food) and must remain on a strict veterinary diet. Due to this he is part of our Care for Life foster program.

Snowy will be happiest in an indoor home where he is the only pet. He deserves a peaceful, stress free environment where he can finally relax.

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