Daisy ---- 2nd times a charm?

10+ years


16 years  |  Female  |  Sassy  |  Affectionate  |  Talkative  |  Senior Foster

This is Daisy's second time at the shelter. She was first with us was back in 2019 as her people moved overseas. She then went into a very loving foster home where she absolutely blossomed, unfortunately due to age and ill health they are no longer able to care for Daisy. So this little darling is back to try her luck again!

Daisy is quite the character. First time with us she was rather difficult, setting up shop in our kitchen window sill and swiping anyone who dared to use the kitchen sink. After spending over a year with her foster person she has really transformed into quite an affectionate and friendly little lady. Daisy loves a good chitchat, and likes to sing when she's getting comfy in her heated bed, well more of a yodel but it's adorable. As with most senior cats they love warmth, and Daisy likes to sleep under the covers with you in bed during the colder months.

Daisy has some health issues that require daily medications and ongoing vet care. She has reduced eyesight, she gets around the shelter with no issues but would probably be best suited to somewhere without stairs.

Due to Daisy's age and health needs she is part of our Care for Life foster program.

Daisy will be happiest in a very quiet home with 1-2 adults and no other pets. She doesn't need a lot of space but warm cozy spots are a must.

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