Ruffle - Confident King

10+ years


12 years  |  Male  |  Deaf  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate  

Ruffle has come to the shelter with his buddy because their caretaker went into a rest home. They have been living in a cattery for the last four months where they were well-loved by everyone.

Ruffle is a big, fluffy gent with a rather loud voice. Although he is deaf he has loads of confidence and loves to explore, quite the opposite to his friend Rufus. Ruffle is very friendly and affectionate, he loves playing with toys and being groomed, which is handy because he has mountains of fur! 

The pair have always lived rurally, on a very large property where it was safe for him to roam without worrying about cars. Because Ruffle is deaf he wont be able to navigate traffic and other dangers, so they will need a very special home that has the space for him to adventure but also keep Ruffle safe. The boys need to be homed together, as the only pets in the home.

Ruffle will be happiest in a home with his buddy Rufus. Rural would be ideal, or potentially a large home with an enclosed catio.

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