Jonah ---- Quiet please

5-10 years


6 years  |  Male  |  Foster  |  Nervous  

Jonah has come to the shelter because he wasn't coping in a big family home as he is very frightened of children. With 4 kids in the family and one of the adults teaching from home it was all a bit much for this nervous boy!

Jonah likes his peace and quiet. He prefers to hide away until the coast is clear, and then come out for some snacks and attention. He is definitely very food-motivated, he ADORES treats, so you are just a few snacks away from being best buds! He's not a super cuddly boy but does enjoy affection on his terms.

Since arriving at the shelter we have discovered Jonah is FIV positive. He has needed extensive dental work as his mouth was incredibly sore. We are hoping as this heals and he starts feeling better he will come out of his shell even more. FIV affects the cats immune system and makes them more vulnerable to other illnesses. To help him live a long healthy life, and to stop the spread of FIV, Jonah must be kept as an indoors only cat.

Jonah will be happiest in a quiet, indoor only home where he is the only pet. There must be no children visiting the home. 

Due to his health needs Jonah is part of our Care for Life foster program.

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