Floss - Sassy princess

5-10 years


7 years  |  Female  |  Sassy  |  Anxious

Floss has come to the shelter because she wasn't coping with the new baby in the home. She also wasn't a fan of the other cat, although the other cat desperately wanted to be her friend!

Floss is an anxious wee girl. She likes to do things on her terms and can get a bit sassy when she's unhappy. Floss enjoys pats and playing with toys, but she isn't a lap cat. Her favourite things are being up high, looking out windows, and rolling around in dirt. Floss loves her outdoor time but is a huntress so needs to be homed away from any wildlife areas.

Floss will be happiest in a quiet, adult, home where she is the only pet and has some safe outdoor access.

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