Missy - Cat buddy

5-10 years


10 years  |  Female  |  Nervous  |  Good with cats

Missy has come to us through a small cat rescue in Porirua. She was seen being dumped in Linden.

Because of the circumstances we don't have any history on wee Missy but clearly she has been treated very poorly by humans. Because of this she is very nervous around people and prefers to hide away. Missy enjoys the company of other cats but we are unsure how she would be around children or dogs. She is slowly coming out of her shell here at the shelter, and is now becoming more comfortable around us. Her favourite thing in the world though is boys!! Missy is totally boy crazy, and follows all the male cats around even if they aren't interested. She would make a great companion for another cat that is looking for a friend.

Missy needs lots of time to build her confidence and trust in humans. She will need a quiet, patient home that can help her with this. She would be happiest in a home that has a friendly and confident male cat for her to swoon over.

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