Aroha ---- Special needs

10+ years


Approx. 13 years  |  Female  |  High needs  |  Senior foster  |  Affectionate  |  Friendly

Aroha has come to us after her Caregiver went into an aged care facility. The family were unable to manage Aroha's medical conditions.

Aroha is a very cute little nana that loves attention and cuddles. Earlier in her life she had an extensive injury to her bottom that left her tail-less and incontinent. Surgery was unable to fully repair her wounds and sadly she has been leaky ever since. This is understandably difficult to manage but we are hoping the right home will come along that can offer her the love and kindness she deserves.

Due to Aroha's age she is part of our Care for Life foster program

Aroha will be happiest in a home that can manage her toileting troubles. 

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