Bellah ---- Tiny toothless

10+ years


16 years  |  Female  |  Senior foster  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate

This is little Bellah's second time here at the shelter. The first time she came to us because a Tom cat had her spooked out, but she wasn't with us long before going out into a foster home. Unfortunately the relationship split and neither were able to take her to their new homes. Over the years Bellah has been shuffled around multiple homes, so we are really hoping we can find her a real forever home this time.

Bellah is a very tiny, and incredibly adorable, little Nana. She has an impossibly cute squeak meow, no teeth, and to top it off she trots like a show pony. Bellah is very friendly and affectionate, she really wants nothing more than your attention and a warm lap. Bellah has some health issues, she is Hyperthyroid and has severe arthritis in her back legs. Both conditions are well managed on medication. Bellah has previously lived with with dogs and other cats, although she doesn't seem to like the cats here. She's also ok with gentle children.

Due to Bellah's age she is part of our Care for Life foster program.

Bellah will be happiest in a stable home where she can live out her retirement without the risk of being rehomed again. She is happy to be indoor only.

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