Prue ---- Escapee

10+ years


10 years  |  Female  |  Nervous  |  Affectionate

Prue is quite the mystery girl. She was originally surrendered to us back in May 2016, when her elderly owner went into care. She stayed with us until January 2017 when she was adopted, but unfortunately Prue escaped only a few days later and was never seen again. Then in November 2021 she reappeared! Prue was handed into a vet clinic as a stray, and thanks to her microchip her owners could be contacted, but sadly they didn't want her back. 

Prue has been through a scary experience, and is in need of extra love and attention. Due to her shy nature Prue will give a hiss when she is nervous, but she never lashes out and is actually very affectionate and loving once she trusts you. She is a petite wee lady who enjoys a warm lap, being brushed, and gentle attention. We are currently getting her the vet care she needs after her 5 years of rough living, but she's doing fantastic and has surprisingly settled in really quickly.

Prue will be happiest in a home with just one or two adults, and no other pets. And definitely somewhere she can be kept safe indoors while she takes as long as she needs to settle in.

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