Clifford ---- Social butterfly

5-10 years


7 years  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate  |  Medical foster

Clifford has come to us through a vet clinic. His caretakers surrendered him because they didn't want to pay for his medical care.

Clifford is quite the social butterfly. He lived next to a camp ground and spent lots of time visiting everyone staying there. We don't have a lot of history on him, so we are unsure how he is with children but we have found that he doesn't enjoy sharing his space with other cats. Clifford is super affectionate, loves a cuddle and warm lap, and is pretty much happy being the center of attention. 

Clifford has been diagnosed as Hyperthyroid. This is easily treated with daily medication and regular vet checks. This means he is part of our Care for Life foster program.

Clifford will be happiest in a home where he has lots of company and is the only pet.

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