Tibbs ---- Big boy with a big personality

10+ years


13 years  |  Male  |  Nervous  |  Talkative  |  Affectionate on his terms

Tibbs has come to the shelter because his family had to move back to the UK due to family illness.

Tibbs has quite the backstory. When he was a kitten he was in a home with an elderly man with un-diagnosed Alzheimers. Over time he was purchasing multiple cats and kittens, all tabby, and all called Tibbs, as he would forget he already had cats at home. By the time he went into care he was deemed a danger to himself and others as he was quite violent. Tibbs still carries the trauma of his unpredictable upbringing. Although his family managed to socialize him very well he is still a bit jumpy and doesn't like to be patted for too long. 

Tibbs loves to be with his people, melting onto their lap and snuggling into them. He is very affectionate in his own way, and will need a home that respects and understands this. Tibbs is talkative and will always answer you when you chat with him. He is great with other animals and has lived happily with dogs, cats, and free roaming guinea pigs. He is good with older, gentle children if they respect his boundaries. Tibbs is a very special boy and he is looking for a very special home. He needs an experienced cat family that is happy to give him the kind of love he responds to without smothering him. 

Tibbs will be happiest in a home where he has free access to the outdoors and a family that respects his boundaries.

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