Chelsea ---- Moth hunter

10+ years


13 years  |  Female  |  Senior foster  |  Anxious  |  Affectionate  

Chelsea has come to the shelter because her Caregiver's situation was uncertain and this was causing her some stress. They had moved house a few times and now their work was needing them to travel frequently which left Chelsea feeling anxious.

Chelsea is a gentle girl who finds new stuff very stressful. She is a lady who likes routine and quiet company. Chelsea's favourite things are warm laps, playing with string, hunting moths, and sunbathing. Chelsea isn't good with other animals and prefers adult company. Although she's had outdoor access in the past, as her anxiety has increased she's preferred staying indoors where she feels safe.

Due to Chelsea's health needs she is part of our Care for Life foster program.

Chelsea will be happiest in a quiet home with 1-2 adults and no other pets.

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