Kleo ---- Boss lady

5-10 years


7 years  |  Female  |  Affectionate on her terms  |  Reserved

Kleo has come to the shelter because her family were forced to move into emergency housing and couldn't take her. She had come from a big family with 6 kids and 2 dogs.

Although Kleo has been living in a big household for a number of years, this isn't her ideal setup. Kleo is a reserved girl who much prefers quiet, one-on-one company with her favourite people. Kleo likes affection on her terms, she prefers to make the first move and you are to oblige. She occasionally enjoys a warm lap and does like pats, if she is the one initiating it.

Kleo will be happiest in a quiet home with no young children. She will need to be the only pet and have some safe outdoor access.

SKU: 10000-45 TAGS: Nervous, Affectionate, Talkative

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