Caspa ---- Friendly roamer

10+ years


13 years  |  Male  |  Senior foster  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate  |  Good with kids

Caspa is quite the adventurer.  He spent his first 8 years with one family, then vanished. 4 years later he reappeared thanks to his microchip, he had been living with another family! The original family tried to take him to their new place, but he kept returning to his old home several kilometres away.  He was eventually 'adopted' by the homeowner of that house, and was with her for 18 months, but she has now moved and left him behind. Original family tried again to take him to another new property, but he continued to returned to the previous home, crossing train tracks and busy roads, and was living under the house. So Caspa has come to find a home as far away from Kapiti as possible to prevent his wandering ways.

Caspa is a very friendly and outgoing chap who dribbles when he's happy. He is great with kids, and okay with other cats, but unknown around dogs. He likes both indoor and outdoor time but prefers outdoors.  He is a hunter of birds so needs to be away from native bird areas, and as far away from Kapiti as possible.  

Due to Caspa's age he is eligible for our Care for Life foster program.

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