Frankie ---- Queen Sassypants

5-10 years


5 years  |  Female  |  Sassy  

Frankie has come to the shelter because she was attacking the child in the home.

Frankie has always been a touch unfriendly. She doesn't like too much human contact but will occasionally allow some head pats if she feels comfortable with you. Frankie gets stressed quite easily and overgrooms herself, sometimes losing patches of fur in the process.

Frankie is a tricky kitty. She needs a very special person that is happy to let her do her thing and not fuss over her. She has loads of personality which the right person will love, and if you are well versed in cat body language she is easy to read. Although she only has 1/2 a tail she is very vocal through it's wiggles! Frankie loves a good play session and is very easily bribed with treats.

Frankie will be happiest in a quiet home with 1-2 adults and no other pets.

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