Lulu ---- What is love?

10+ years


12 years  |  Female  |  Friendly  |  Affectionate  |  Talkative

Lulu was left abandoned at a property when her caretaker became unwell and went into a care facility. A kind neighbour then cared for her and brought her into us.

Lulu has never been allowed into a home. She has lived her whole life in the garden and living underneath the house. She was thrown food occasionally but didn't receive much love and affection. It will need to be a slow process getting Lulu used to life indoors, things may be quite scary for her initially and she will need patience and love to settle in. Since being at the shelter Lulu has been very happy indoors and adores all her comfy beds. She is hugely affectionate and loves having people fuss over her. Lulu likes the company of other cats but is scared of dogs. We are unsure about children. Lulu has only got 2 toes on one of her back paws but she gets around fine. 

Lulu will be happiest in a quiet home where she can take her time to adjust and build a bond. She will be fine with another cat but will need some safe outdoor space.

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