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Fabio ---- Loverboy

10+ years


11 years  |  Medical Foster  |  Affectionate  |  Friendly  |  Pair

Fabio has come to the shelter with Popcorn after their Caregivers became homeless. We have found that the pair are friends and do need to stay together.

Fabio is a relaxed and confident cat - he is a social boy. He likes his beautiful fur being groomed, is a lap cat, and likes to play with toys. Fabio loves to bring in leaves for you to admire, but unfortunately is also a hunter of mice and birds so needs to go to a home well away from any wildlife areas. Since coming into our care we have discovered Fabio is Hyperthyroid so has started on treatment for this. He also has had some tummy troubles but this is being well maintained with a special diet.

Due to his medical needs Fabio is part of our Care for Life foster program.

Fabio will be happiest in a home with some safe outdoor access and lots of company. He needs to go home with his friend Popcorn.

SKU: 10000-7 TAGS: Medical foster, Friendly, Affectionate, good with kids, Pair

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