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Popcorn ---- Shy but loving

5-10 years


9 years  |  Shy  |  Affectionate  |  Pair

Popcorn came to the shelter with Fabio after their Caregivers became homeless. We have found that the pair are friends and will need to stay together.

Popcorn can be very shy when he first meets you. He needs a little time to warm up, but when he connects with you he bonds very closely and is a loving friend. Popcorn loves a warm lap and his favourite thing is being groomed with his rubber brush. He's not a hunter but does like to play with toys.

Popcorn will be happiest in a quiet, adult home. He will need to go home with his friend Fabio.

SKU: 10000-38 TAGS: Shy, Affectionate, Pair

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