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Olly ---- Why can't I find love?

5-10 years


9 years  |  Male  |  Wary  |  Misunderstood

This is Olly's second stay at the shelter. He first came to us because he didn't get along with the kids in his new home. Olly was soon adopted out and unfortunately he was abruptly returned after a year in this home. 

Olly has been very misunderstood. Because he is so wary of people and has the odd grizzle people think he's a bad cat. but this couldn't be further from the truth. This poor boy has been through 3 homes and 2 shelter stays in the last 4 years, this has made him very cautious and unable to ever fully relax. The last home even kept him locked in the laundry for very long periods with no company. Numerous people have let Olly down and we are determined to set that right. 

Olly enjoys company but doesn't want to be fussed over too much. He loves pats, but not for too long, and he loves to be brushed. Olly enjoys snoozing in the sun, and lazy days on the couch. He likes having some outdoor space and isn't a hunter, but does get upset if other animals are coming onto his property. Olly is highly food motivated so you can easily bribe your way into his heart! Olly needs a special home that is happy to just let Olly be Olly, he will need patience and understanding to let him settle in and feel safe.

Olly will be happiest in an adult home with no other pets and some outdoor access.

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