Lord Loki ---- The Tiniest Meow

5-10 years


8 years  |  Male  |  Affectionate  |  Friendly

Lord Loki has come to the shelter because his person was moving overseas and didn't think he would cope with the move. He has moved with them around the country 6 times in his life and has become more anxious with each move.

Loki is a large boy with the tiniest of meows. He is very affectionate and loving, but can get over-stimulated and need some space. Loki loves pick-up cuddles and warm laps but doesn't like his tail being touched. Unfortunately Loki is a hunter so he needs to be homed as indoor only or away from wildlife.

Loki will be happiest in a home where he is the only pet. He may be ok with older children.

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