Yolande ---- Absolute lovebug

2-5 years


4 years  |  Male  |  Pair  |  Affectionate  |  Friendly  |  Good with kids

Yolande has come to the shelter with his brother Ninja Boy because their family weren't allowed pets at their rental property so they had been living outside in a dog kennel for a number of months. The boys must stay together as they are very bonded.

Yolande is a very friendly and affectionate boy who likes attention. He doesn't really like being picked up but loves snuggling up on your lap. We are told that he sometimes sucks on blankets when he is being patted. Unfortunately he is a hunter of pretty much everything so we will need to be well away from any wildlife areas. He is great with children but scared of dogs.

Yolande will be happiest in a home where he has lots of love and his brother Ninja Boy.

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