Tama ---- Golden Oldie

10+ years


18 years  |  Senior foster palliative care  |  Affectionate  |  Friendly

Tama was removed from a neglectful home by another rescue group and then transferred into our care. Thankfully this sweet older gentleman had many kind people watching out for him and now he deserves a loving home to spend his golden years. 

Tama is a very elderly boy that has been living rough for quite awhile. Despite his lack of care he is a very friendly and affectionate boy who loves a warm lap, pats, and a good chitchat. Since coming into our care we have found that he is Hyperthyroid, has high blood pressure, has some yucky teeth (well the few he has left) and most sadly has multiple tumours in his chest. That's a lot going on but he continues to be the most darling couch companion. It is unknown how long wee Tama will have left but we are hoping he gets to spend it in a loving home of his own. He will be happiest in a quiet home with no young children or dogs.

Due to his medical needs and his age Tama is part of our Care for Life foster program. He is on daily medications and will need regular vet visits to monitor his health.

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