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Leon --- Looks can be deceiving

5-10 years


8 years  |  Male  | Medical Foster  |  Easily stressed  |  Affectionate

Leon has come to the shelter because he was very stressed sharing his home with children. On top of that all of the surrounding neighbours got multiple cats so he was having to deal with them on his territory which he really didn't like.

Leon has superstar good looks but he is a very stressy guy. He hasn't been happy for a number of years which has accumulated in him becoming aggressive and having toileting issues. Since being with us we have discovered he has digestive issues, which required surgery. His discomfort with this condition had likely been part of his bad moods and he seems to be doing much better now we have gotten that sorted. Leon will need lifelong medication and management to prevent this reoccurring though. When Leon does feel relaxed and safe he is an incredibly affectionate boy who loves pick up cuddles, he gives the best hugs wrapping his arms around you and snuggling into your neck, it's very sweet. He likes to sleep on the bed with his person and needs lots of company and attention. Leon will be best suited to an indoor life to maintain his diet, he could potentially be harness trained to outdoor time. Leon is going to need a special person who is happy to give him time to settle and build trust. 

Leon must be in a home without children. He must be the only pet and have no neighbourhood cats on the property.

Due to Leon's medical needs he is part of our Care for Life foster program.


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