Tuffie ---- Life's been tough

2-5 years


3-4 years  |  Male  |  Nervous  |  FIV positive-medical foster  |  Affectionate

Tuffie was found living as a stray and cared for by a kind Samaritan who watched out for him and had him desexed. They would've kept Tuffie but he was bullying their existing cat.

Due to the circumstances we have no history on Tuffie. His caregiver said he loves having his head petted, very much! Other than that we don't have much more information, we will add to this as we get to know him. So far he is still very shy but is happy for company and head tickles. Since being at the shelter we have found that Tuffie is FIV positive, which means his immune system is weakened. This means he must be kept indoors only, and as the only pet.

Due to Tuffie's medical needs he is part of our Care for Life foster program.

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