Zippy ---- Close companion

5-10 years


9 years  |  Male  |  Affectionate  |  Shy  |  Talkative

Zippy has come to the shelter because his elderly companions were going into a care facility where they couldn't have him.

Zippy is a charming little guy. He's a bit shy in the shelter but we have been told he is very talkative when in his own home. He is used to having lots of company so needs someone that is home most of the time. Zippy loves warm laps and being brushed. He has been used to having outdoor access but isn't a hunter and doesn't go very far, he was harness trained as a kitten so could also be indoor only with the chance to go out for walks. He's not used to living with children, no experience with dogs, but could be ok with another friendly cat.

Zippy will be happiest in a home with 1-2 people. He wants to be a very close companion so someone that works from home or is retired would be ideal.

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