Yang ---- Nervous but lovely

2-5 years


3 years  |  Male  |  Nervous and shy  |  Pair  

Yang has come to the shelter with his surrogate dad Sunny Day after their caregiver was diagnosed with a terminal illness. They are a bonded pair and must stay together.

Yang was raised by Sunny Day since he was a wee kitten. He is a very shy boy and needs him for support, but when he trusts you Yang is very loving and affectionate. He likes to sleep in bed with his person and he loves a warm lap. Yang is ok with other cats, and good with rabbits, but is frightened of dogs. He is a hunter of mice and will need some safe outdoor space. Although he spends most of his time hiding in his cozy igloo here, he is very easily bribed out with snacks and is always happy for visitors and pats.

Yang will be happiest in a home with his buddy Sunny Day, with some safe outdoor space., no dogs, and no young children.

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