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Rosey ---- Chitchat Champion

5-10 years


5 years  |  Female  |  Talkative  |  Affectionate  |  Friendly

Rosey has come to the shelter because she was feeling very anxious in her home. There were lots of neighbourhood cats and noisy builders next door which was causing Rosey a great deal  of stress.

Rosey is a gentle girl who loves to chat. She isn't very loud but she chirps and chatters a lot, which we are finding very adorable! She's a big fan of warm laps and is ok with pickup cuddles when she's in the mood. Rosey's favourite thing is when you change the sheets on your bed, she likes to get in there as you're making it. Rosey is scared of the vacuum cleaner and dogs. She loves to climb trees and is a bit of a hunter, so needs to be homed away from wildlife sanctuaries.

Rosey will be happiest in an adult home with some safe outdoor access in a quiet neighbourhood that doesn't have many cats.

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