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Halford ---- Hefty Lad

10+ years


14 years  |  Male  |  Senior foster  |  Shy  |  Affectionate

Halford has come to the shelter because his caregiver was moving to Australia. They would have loved to take him but their vet didn't think his health would cope with the journey.

Halford is a rather large gent. Despite his robust frame he is a very shy boy who needs time to warm up to new situations and people. Halford had a stroke a few years ago which affected his back legs, he recovered but does still get wobbly sometimes so a home with lots of stairs probably wouldn't be ideal. Halford loves his outdoor time, and has been a mouse hunter in the past. When he's relaxed and comfy he is talkative and affectionate. He will be happiest in a quiet home with no young children or other pets.

Due to Halford's age he is part of our Care for Life foster program.

SKU: 10000-13 TAGS: senior foster, Nervous, Shy, Affectionate

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