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Kleo ---- Back and better than ever

5-10 years


8 years  |  Female  |  Anxious  |  Affectionate  

This is Kleo's 2nd time at the shelter. She first arrived because her family were forced to move into emergency housing and couldn't take her. She had come from a big family with 6 kids and 2 dogs. She was then adopted by someone who wasn't willing to adapt to Kleo's needs, it was their first cat and weren't really prepared for what pet ownership entails so she has returned to us in the hopes that someone genuine will fall in love with this quirky lady. 

Kleo is a reserved girl who much prefers quiet, one-on-one company with her favourite people. After all the stress and changes she's been put through she is so desperate to be loved that she can get overwhelmed. Kleo wants to be your best buddy, she wants company and affection but needs it to be on her terms while she builds trust. Since returning to us we have learnt more about this precious girl and what her needs are, and we are pleased to say she is the happiest we have ever seen her! Kleo now has her own private suite and balcony, which has helped her anxiety and she's now very affectionate and chatty. Kleo loves a warm lap and wants to sleep in her persons bed with them at night, this is a non-negotiable! She's best suited to an experienced cat person.

Kleo will be happiest in a quiet home with no young children. She will need to be the only pet and have some safe outdoor access.

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