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Smokey Joe ---- Having the time of his life!

10+ years


Approx. 10 years  |  Male  |  Medical foster  |  Friendly  |  Playful  

Smokey Joe has come to the shelter all the way from Hastings where he was found living as a stray. A very kind person fell in love with him and took him into their home, getting him desexed and some much needed dental work. Through this he was found to be FIV positive which meant they weren't able to keep him due to their existing cats.

Smokey Joe has been somewhat of a medical mystery. He has been in isolation at the shelter for a number of months with a few nasties that were causing him to be very snotty. We finally got the all clear on them but Smokey was still snotty, so our amazing vets decided to take a closer look by doing a full xray of his head. They were very shocked to find that he actually has 2 parts of an airgun pellet lodged deep inside his sinus cavity. This creates inflammation and irritation and makes him a tad snotty, which will be an ongoing issue and he may need antibiotics on the odd occasion. He also has significant kidney disease so is on a special diet.

Smokey has now joined all the other cats in our main shelter and he is having the time of his life. He really is such a happy little guy. Smokey Joe loves to play with all the toys and trots around following us everywhere, he loves being involved in the daily happenings around the shelter. Due to Smokey's FIV status he must be kept as an indoor only pet, but we are currently harness training him so he can go out for walks.

Smokey Joe will be happiest in an indoor home with no children or other pets. Due to his medical needs he is part of our Care for Life foster program.

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