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Whuffs ---- Prison Break

2-5 years


5 years  |  Bonded pair  |  Nervous  |  Affectionate

Whuffs has lived her whole life as a stray at Rimutaka prison. The colony of strays there have been cared for by a wonderful staff member, but it was time these girls found a real home.

This is a very new experience for little Whuffs. She is a shy girl that needs a gentle approach and time to build up trust. In the shelter she is settling in well and is very happy for pats and attention with trusted people. Whuffs is very bonded with her friend Chi Chi, they need each other for reassurance, and the pair must stay together. Because of their history the girls will need to spend a long time kept indoors only to get them fully adjusted to their new home before any attempts at going outside. They have no experience with children or dogs, but are ok with other cats.

Whuffs will be happiest in a quiet, adult only home with her best bud Chi Chi

SKU: 10000-49 TAGS: Pair, Nervous, Affectionate

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