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Major Tom ---- #1 biscuit baker

10+ years


10 years  |  Male  |  Medical Foster  |  Shy  |  Affectionate  

Major Tom has come to us through another rescue organization. After his person passed away Tom found his way to a small colony of strays. He quickly moved himself into the feeders home and took over the dogs bed! Sadly she had to move and couldn't take him to her next property.

Major Tom can be a bit shy initially but all it takes is a few treats and a groom with his favourite rubber brush for you to be best friends. He is very affectionate and loves lots of pats and head bumps, he is a master of kneading and makes the best biscuits in his squishy bed. Tom has had a lot of changes in his life so needs somewhere calm and stable to help him come out of his shell, we can just see that he is dying to be loved and adored by someone special. He has been good with dogs in the past, and he has no experience with children. 

Since coming into our care we have discovered that Major Tom is FIV positive. This impacts his immune system so he will need to be kept indoors only and as the only cat. Due to his medical needs Major Tom is part of our Care for Life foster program.

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