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Josie ---- Peace and quiet please

10+ years


14 Years  |  Female  |  Senior foster  |  Nervous  |  Affectionate on her terms

Josie has come to the shelter because she wasn't coping with having grandchildren in the home.

Josie is a very rotund little lady who likes the quiet life. She is a nervous girl and has always been a tad unpredictable, preferring attention on her terms which doesn't mix well with young kids. She much prefers the comforts of indoor life but has been used to toileting outside, although she refuses in wet weather so will need a permanent litter tray. Josie enjoys pats down her back and sleeping on her persons bed. 

Due to Josie's age she is part of our Care for Life foster program.

Josie will be happiest in a quiet adult only home with no other pets. Her ideal person will be someone who likes unfussy cats that are happy doing their own thing.

SKU: 10000-11 TAGS: Nervous, senior foster, Affectionate

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