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Paddy ---- Cautious chonker

5-10 years


5 years  |  Male  |  Shy/nervous  |  Ok with small dogs  |  Affectionate

Paddy has come to the shelter because his caregivers couldn't find a pet friendly rental.

Paddy is a very shy boy who needs time to get to know new people. He loves to be loved but is very nervous around strangers and loud noises. When he's feeling relaxed he adores a warm lap, pick-up cuddles, being brushed and petted. Paddy has lived with 2 small dogs previously but we are unsure how he is with other cats. Paddy needs to be in a quiet, adult only home. He likes the freedom to go in and out as he pleases, but is a hunter of bugs and mice.

Paddy is a bit too chubby and will need to be kept on a weight loss diet. His previous caregivers thought he was sneaking around the neighbours homes and stealing snacks! This would need to be closely monitored for his long term health.

SKU: 10000-33 TAGS: Shy, Nervous, Affectionate, Good with dogs

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