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Tammy ---- Playful and inquisitive

0-2 years


1 year 2 months |  Female  |  Pair  |  Playful  |  Affectionate  |  Friendly

Tammy has come to the shelter with her friend Jimmy because their caregiver was moving overseas.

Tammy is a playful young girl who is getting more accustomed to affection as she ages. She was a rescue and took some time to adjust but is now actively seeking out attention. Tammy gets along very well with Jimmy and they love to play together. Tammy is very confident and friendly, she doesn't like to be picked up but loves to be petted and gives excellent head boops. She has no experience with children or dogs. Tammy is a hunter of mice and cockroaches.

SKU: 10000-2 TAGS: Friendly, Playful, Pair, Affectionate

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