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Jimmy ---- Shy but just wants to be loved

0-2 years


1 year 5 months  |  Male  |  Pair  |  Shy  |  Affectionate

Jimmy has come to the shelter with his friend Tammy because their caregiver was moving overseas.

Jimmy was found as a stray and took some time to get used to human affection. He is very shy in new situations and doesn't do well with strangers. When he trusts you he is a loving lap cat who will sit and be petted for hours. He is super affectionate! Jimmy likes his friend Tammy, who he came in with, but is very territorial with other cats. He gains a lot of confidence from Tammy and they will need to stay together. He has no experience with dogs or children. Jimmy is a big hunter of birds and would be best homed well away from any sanctuaries, and with a smart collar.

SKU: 10000-39 TAGS: Pair, Shy, Affectionate

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